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Here are more pics of Will!

Another page with more pics of Will!

Will at the Longshores!

Will at the McBrayers!

Spring Pics of Will!

Will on Easter! The weather wasn't great here.

Will on Father's Day.

Longshores on July 4th! (Page 1)

Longshores on July 4th! (Page 2)

McBrayers on July 4th! (Page 1)

McBrayers on July 4th! (Page 2)

August trip to Alabama! (Page 1)

August trip to Alabama! (Page 2)

Temporary page!

Halloween! (Page 1)

Halloween! (Page 2)


Christmas 2004!

Glenn's pics of Thanksgiving 2004!

Perfect Weather to Start 2005!

Will's First Birthday Party (Page 1)!

Will's First Birthday Party (Page 2)!

Will is almost walking!

Pittsburgh Falls in the Playoffs!

Will turns 1 today!

Will's first real snowday!

Everyone enjoyed the Snow!

After Walking, comes climbing!

Just messing around...

Will's little playhut...

Will helps me build a shed...

Various photos...

More photos of Will and his new toy...

A few photos of or Koi

Will's Outdoor Playset

Will's Trip to Mississippi


My First Lexus!

The Henry's Party

More photos

Park Pictures

Trip to Alabama

David and Hannah Party!

Pool time

OgleBay Resort - Page 1

OgleBay Resort - Page 2

OgleBay Resort - Page 3

Will's Swingset

Halloween 2005

Thanksgiving 2005 - Page 1

Thanksgiving 2005 - Page 2

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005 - At the Lamberts

Christmas 2005 - At the Longshores

Christmas 2005 - At the McBrayers

Welcome to Kim and Alan's Website! These pages contain various photos of D.C., our friends,our family, our pets, and our hobbies.


I currently supervise a team of computer programmers in the Geography Division of the Census Bureau. We currently develop C programs to handle various special requests and are moving our database into ORACLE using tools such as SQL, SQLoader, Developer, Designer, JDeveloper, CGI, Perl, Oracle Application Server, ProC, and JAVA.
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